My Retirement Prayer

I have finally found a worthy goal for my old age. Ever since I’ve turned fifty, two years ago, my mailbox has been inundated with “senior” advertising. Everything from time-shares in Florida to brochures for Winnebago rentals.

Of course there is nothing wrong with investment plans and pre-paid funerals but I don’t want the last third of my life to only be about the last third of my life. So I asked God to grant me only one thing to keep me “busy” as I live out the remaining years — however long that may be.

I asked Him to let me keep on preaching until I die. Just enough strength and brain cells to confess the lovely name of Jesus and share His word with others — that is all.

I didn’t ask for a guaranteed income or the energy of a fifty year old, just the privilege of letting me proclaim His word till its time to go. I don’t know if He’ll answer my prayer but I now know what to do with that AAR subscription I received yesterday…