This final class is the summary of our entire series because in the end, this is what it boils down […]
This class is a scouting report on our arch enemy, Satan, and his scheme to convince you that something or […]
Curtis reviews six scriptures to study that will illuminate our path toward Mature Faith. Discussion Questions Without looking back, how […]
God wants our mustard seed faith to grow into fully developed trees (Matthew 17:14-20). Would a loving God demand of […]
Despite his weak moments, Abraham was a man of exemplary faith. This class will explore this person, chosen by God […]
This study exposes the up and down faith pattern of biblical characters and how we can smooth out the bumps […]
Solidifying Faith is where you piece together the answers to the questions you have been searching out. In a sense […]
Job is a diagram of the anatomy of the Practical Struggle. A clear path is laid out showing the way […]
In this session we will be learning about how the faith of Peter grew during his years with Jesus. If […]
In this study we will learn the four basic struggles of Searching Faith. Discussion Questions Can you name the four […]
If you have Affiliating Faith and want to mature to Searching Faith this class is for you. Discussion Questions What […]
Jesus could see into people’s hearts and know what degree of faith each had. We have to rely on peripheral […]
This class shows how to guide a child or an adult with very little understanding, to a stronger walk with […]
This study explains the five basic stages we go through on our faith journey. Five levels of faith with biblical […]
In this lesson, we’ll examine how the Bible defines faith. Discussion Questions Did you have a good biblical concept of […]
Strong faith. What difference would rock-solid faith make in your life? Would you be willing to put some effort into […]