Why Should I Work on My Faith?

Strong faith. What difference would rock-solid faith make in your life? Would you be willing to put some effort into developing stronger faith? This course will teach you what strong faith is and how to reach it using the Bible as your guide. You will learn not only how to enrich your faith but also how to develop a stronger faith in others.

This first lesson explores six good reasons why you should want to work on having stronger faith.

Download Workbook here.

Discussion Questions

  1. Can you list the six reasons given in this lesson for working on our faith?
  2. Why do you think some Christians are not motivated to want to develop a stronger faith?
  3. Can you see how it is God’s desire for you to be growing in your faith?
  4. How does growth take the boredom out of life?
  5. What is going to be your personal motivation for wanting to grow in your faith?