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Peak of the Week

Reset: Sharing Your Faith, Part 4 of 4

We Praise God to worship him, to be strengthened spiritually, and to make Him known! 1 Corinthians 14:26 ...
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Reset: Worship, Part 3 of 4

The English word “worship” comes from the Anglo-Saxon word “worth-ship,” which refers to extolling the praises of God ...
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Reset: Prayer, Part 2 of 4

Steps to reset your life in the Word: 1. Find a A________________ to get into the Word – ...
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The Church of Christ
A study of the church of Christ in scripture and today

Lesson 12 – Present Controversies

As the twenty-first century and third millennium dawn, the church of Jesus Christ is again faced with some very divisive, ...
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Lesson 11 – Past Controversies

Although Jesus only built one church and prayed that its members might be unified, and although the Holy Spirit sought ...
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Lesson 10 – Church Discipline

There are many practices among religious people regarding discipline within their memberships. Many churches today practice no form of correction, ...
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Lesson 9 – Attitudes Toward Holy Spirit

Most would agree that the Holy Spirit is the most mysterious of the three persons of the Godhead. We see ...
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Lesson 8 – Place of the Old Testament

The Old Testament is a book of history, law, poetry, wisdom, and prophecy. Each of these categories lends instruction to ...
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Lesson 7 – Worship by the Church of Christ

Religious worship in the late twentieth century reflects the whims and desires of the masses, especially appealing to youth. There ...
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Lesson 6 – Concerning Salvation

Most of Protestantism is centered around the ideals of Calvinism, the theology of John Calvin, a Presbyterian who formulated the ...
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Lesson 5 – Work of the Church of Christ

It is easy to see that the work of most denominations is infected with the social gospel ideals of serving ...
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Lesson 4 – Organization of Church of Christ

Lesson 4: The Catholic Church is famous for its worldwide hierarchy which peaks in the office of “Pope,” a seat ...
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Lesson 3 – Undenominational Nature of the Church of Christ – “Is Christ divided?”

Lesson 3:  In the first century, not a single denomination existed among Christians anywhere. There existed only the church that ...
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Bible Studies - A More Perfect You

Three Sets of Spiritual Fruit

Mike closes out the series with a closer look at the spiritual fruit created in ...
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The Fruit of the Holy Spirit – Part 2

In the last few chapters I have emphasized the fact that Paul used the device ...
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The Fruit of the Holy Spirit – Part 1

In this first of a two-part lesson, Mike describes the way that spiritual life and ...
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Bible Studies - Daniel/Revelation for Beginners

Lesson 12 – The Main Story, Part 4 of 4

The final lesson continues to explain the meaning of the symbolic language in describing the ...
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Lesson 11 – The Main Story, Part 3 of 4

A continuation of the decoding of symbolic language to tell the story of the church’s ...
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Lesson 10 – The Main Story, Part 2 of 4

A continuation of the explanation of the symbolic language used to tell the main story ...
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