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1 Timothy 4:16

“Take heed to yourself and to the doctrine. Continue in them, for in doing this you will save both yourself and those who hear you.”

Peak of the Week Bible Studies

Peak of the Week: Attentive to Anxiety, Part 4 of 4

Let’s take the proactive look and learn how to stay “attentive to anxiety.” We will learn how to do this from two of the more complete teachings in the Bible (one from Jesus, the other from the Apostle Paul) on handling the worries and anxieties that come from life. Matthew 6:19-34 Many worries start with A__________________________. “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth… But store up treasures in heaven…For where your treasure is, there your heart will be…

Peak of the Week: Answers for Anxiety, Part 3 of 4

I must avoid anxiety like the plague that it is! In dealing with the Evil One, the Bible says we are to “resist” Satan and “he will flee from us.” That’s the attitude we need for anxiety as well – one of resistance and avoidance! Here are some steps to take. STEP ONE: ACKNOWLEDGE ANXIETY’S A______________________________ EFFECTS. From the writings of Charles Stanley, a well-known Preacher, comes these 7 harmful effects: Anxiety B_________________________ the mind. Anxiety slows your C__________________________________________________. Anxiety…

Peak of the Week: Avenues of Anxiety, Part 2 of 4

Where does my anxiety come from? Where did something this frightening get its start? How has it had such control over my mind? If I could just get some understanding as to its causes, maybe I could start to get a handle on how it is affecting me mentally, physically & spiritually. Important Distinction: Anxiety is not a A_______________________, but a B_______________________________! There’s something deeper inside you that is causing the anxiety, the restless nights, the confused mind, the shakiness…

Peak of the Week: Answers for Anxiety, Part 1 of 4

We begin this study with seven foundational passages from the Bible to fortify our spirit until we can delve deeper into the causes, effects, and answers to living with an anxious spirit. There are many more scriptures than these seven and even more specific ones, but here are some to help your mind find peace, with 1 Peter 5:7 being our theme verse for this series. 7 Verses to Sustain Your Peace of Mind: “Give your A_____________________ to the Lord…

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Bible Warfare: How To Defend Your Faith

Bible Warfare: How To Defend Your Faith – How can God die if Jesus is God?

In this last lesson in the series, Mike will be answering more miscellaneous questions posed in the survey. This includes questions about lent, various church rituals and our state of mind in heaven. So last week I said that the remaining question in our series didn’t fit into any particular category, so I divided them up into two sections, those that could be answered from the Old Testament and those that could be answered from the New Testament. Last week…

Bible Warfare: How To Defend Your Faith – Garden of Eden and Noah’s Flood Questions

This lesson is devoted to miscellaneous questions concerning the tree of the knowledge of good and evil; dinosaurs; the population of the world before the great flood, etc. We’re down to our last two lessons for this series, where I’m trying to answer some of the questions concerning the Bible that were handed in. These are, of course, questions not only you, but others have asked throughout the years; and maybe you didn’t have an answer to this question when…

Bible Warfare: How To Defend Your Faith – Church Organization

In this lesson, Mike answers questions regarding the Biblical pattern for church organization and function, and how this is different from the structure of many churches in the modern era. Last week we reviewed the major religions in the world and we examined their beliefs and teachings in, kind of, a survey fashion concerning salvation or heaven or paradise or the hereafter. And one of the things that I remarked was that every religion has some teaching concerning the afterlife.…

Bible Warfare: How To Defend Your Faith – What Other Religions Teach About Salvation

In this lesson, Mike will review the beliefs of the 11 major world religions concerning salvation and compare these with the teachings of Christianity on this important subject. Most of our questions in the series had to do with church issues. Well, obviously people want to know things about the church. Who is the true church; or why do we do what we do in the church of Christ; or do we have to attend and where should we worship…


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