Men and Women of the Bible: Simeon & Levi

Men and Women of the Bible: Simeon & Levi

Lesson Twenty-five: Simeon & Levi, Two Angry Brothers
Lesson Text: Genesis 34:1-30
Lesson Aim: Learn important lessons for life from the experiences of Simeon & Levi.
Memory Verse: Genesis 49:6

Lesson Readings:

  • Genesis 29:31-35
  • Genesis 34:1-30
  • Genesis 42:1-24, 36
  • Genesis 49:5-7

Fact Questions:

  1. Who is Simeon? What does his name mean?
  2. Who is Levi? What does his name mean?
  3. What sinful character trait does Jacob attribute to them? Genesis 49:6
  4. What was the occasion when Simeon and Levi manifest this sinful character?
  5. What mistake had Dinah made that led to this tragedy? Genesis 34:1
  6. How did Shechem later try to make amends? Genesis 34:6-12
  7. What plan did Simeon and Levi make to get revenge on Shechem? Genesis 34:13-17
  8. What terrible thing did Simeon and Levi do? Genesis 34:25-29
  9. Where does Jacob take the family after the massacre at Shechem? Genesis 35:1-7
  10. What does Jacob announce as the consequence of what they did at Shechem? Genesis 49:7 When did this occur?

Thought Questions:

  1. Were Simeon and Levi justified in their anger toward Shechem?
  2. What mistake did they make regarding their anger? Ephesians 4:26, 27
  3. What should Dinah have known about the men of that day?
  4. Do you believe Shechem was sincerely remorseful and penitent? Genesis 34:19
  5. What is the one great lesson from Simeon and Levi for you?