God, Satan, Man- A trilogy of Life’s Struggles

God, Satan, Man- A trilogy of Life’s Struggles

As we have noted in our last article the scene for the book of Job was set in the first few verses. The unthinkable trilogy, God, Satan and Man. While it is an unthinkable trilogy it is a familiar one. Certainly, this trilogy has been in existence from the time of Adam and Eve. Man as always sought to please our Creator through our lives and have had to struggle to ward off the temptations of the evil one.

As we see from the book God was pleased with the life of Job and interested in his spiritual growth. Satan was not convinced Job was a true servant of God. The evil heart of Satan could not conceive of someone serving God solely because of his love of the father. He was sure mankind would forsake God if he forsook rewarding man.

This is the reason for the book of Job. Will mankind serve the creator if his life is not better as a result? It is indeed hard to know for all who truly serve God and live the life style God has in store for all will be blest by default. One who lives in the world created by God as God has asked, commanded and exampled cannot help but be blessed in His world.

As a result it will be helpful to look at the role of each in the Trilogy. The struggle is played out in each life of God’s creation. God is deeply interested in all creation and is worthy to be praised. Satan is trying to show God is unworthy of praised solely on who He is.

Man is the person in the center between God and Satan. Job was not being tested due to his sin on the contrary God was pleased with him This does not mean he was sinless but that his heart was only on God.  So it is up to Job to show Satan and himself he will serve God simply on the basis of who God is without any “hedge” around him.

We also must measure our lives in light of the same struggle. Are we true, or fair-weather servants?