Job; “Greatest of all the People of the East”

Job; “Greatest of all the People of the East”

Certainly, the text describes a man of great wealth, great family ties and great influence in his region of the world. The phrase “Greatest of all the people of the East” clearly express the thoughts of all who knew him but also of what God thought of him as well.

Job was highly thought of and his viewpoint sought after not only because he had great wealth but because he followed after God and worked hard to maintain that relationship for himself and his family.

This book often presented as a dialogue on the problem of suffering. Yet it never really answers the question of why Job suffered the loss of family, wealth, friends and health. Job served God all his life and died never knowing why he suffered.

But we know why Job suffered! Job, like Christ was standing for mankind against Satan. He thought every man had his price. God, through Job is able to demonstrate true followers of God will endure anything this world has to offer, without knowing why or where, and still never curse God.

Just as Christ would stand in our stead on the cross so Job could say at his darkest hour, “For I know that my Redeemer lives, And he shall stand at the last on the earth;” Job 19:25. Job never gave up hope in God though he questioned his predicament he did not question God, His existence or His goodness.

There are many on this earth who have been hurt and or are hurting. Often they attack God and find fault with His management, or reject His existence altogether. We live in a world made by God for our benefit and pleasure. Yet we have made that world a place of sin and discomfort for all.

While the problem of suffering continues to exist in this world the great people of this earth will not blame God but will look forward to His son arrival.

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