God is Working’s—Ephesians 3:20-21

God is Working’s—Ephesians 3:20-21

Have you ever wondered what does God do? Oh I don’t mean what people blame Him for, “act of God”.  No I mean after creation and all He accomplished in   making everything what does He do now.

 We can see God working throughout the Old Testament, Adam & Eve, Abraham, Joseph, Isaac, the prophets, priests and Kings. Even in the Gospels Jesus teaching the disciples and giving lessons, parables and working miracles. The working of the Apostles and many miracles and teaching that went on in the 1st  century. But what does He do now?

 Well for sure God must have a great deal to do just answering all the prayers we offer each day. Watching over us ad all the things we evolve ourselves in must demand some time and others things we may not be aware of.

 But what about the conditions in and the condition of this world. One must admit we have fallen a long way from our      beginnings as a human race. I don’t mean things are worse now than in times past. But we are a far cry for what the Creator intended for this world.

 So what is God doing about this world? Would it surprise us to know God is  working many wonderful things in this world. It may also surprise us to learn He has great confidence in His blood bought church of His dear Son. God is able to    accomplish much through us when we let Him.