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How Important is God’s Word to a Christian?

Surely, Christians everywhere would agree this is a very important question. Most Christians own multiple copies of His Holy Word. Most read it or have read it often. It is our guide and road map to navigate through this life on our way to heaven.


Certainly, Christians in all time can think of many uses for the word of God. Most cannot and do not want to imagine being with out it their lives daily. The comfort it imparts to all who read it is beyond measure. Its wisdom is beyond all wisdom encountered In this and any life.


God’s holy word has changed countless millions of lives over the course of history. Surely, every follower of Christ Jesus can and will testify to the betterment of life with Gods word as opposed to with out it.


So one last question. Is it important enough to Share with all you know now or will come in contact with in the future?