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Lesson 7 – A Coming to Prepare For

Have you ever anticipated a big day: graduation, wedding, or the birth of a child? There is a big day coming, a day when Jesus returns. Join Neal Pollard in considering eternity and a coming to prepare for.

Lesson 6 – A Culture to Reach

In the First Century, Christians were looked at as being strange. They were different than the world around them. Today is no different. While Christians are not seeking to be odd, we are seeking to be distinct. Join Neal Pollard as he looks at answering the question, “How can a distinct Church reach the culture in which it lives?”

Episode 6: About Baptism

In today’s world, there are many differing viewpoints about baptism. Some say that babies should be baptized, while others say that it is reserved only for adults. Some believe that baptism is necessary for salvation, while others do not. What is the truth about baptism? Have you ever wondered about whether you need to be baptized? And, if you have been baptized, was your baptism for the right reason as described in the Bible?

Lesson 5 – A Church to Find

How can we find the Church we read about in the New Testament? It is not about who is right, but what is right. Join Neal Pollard as he looks into the Bible to read about the starting point of the Lord’s Church–a Church to find.

Episode 5: About The House of God

Most people in the world live in some kind of house or dwelling. Those houses come in all shapes and sizes, with different floor plans and layouts, and are furnished in a lot of different ways. Yet each home is precious and unique to its owner. But have you ever wondered whether God owns a house? And if He does, how could we recognize that house if we were to go in search of it today?

Lesson 4 – A Cleansing to Enjoy

How does something, so plainly taught in the Bible, wind up as something so controversial in the religious world? For the fourth lesson in this series, Neal Pollard goes into the subject of baptism: what the Bible says about it and the important role it plays in New Testament Christianity.

Episode 4: About The Church

The word church is used well over one hundred times in the New Testament. It is obviously a very important word, but what, exactly, does it mean? Is the church merely a place for worship? Is it the sum of all the religious denominations? Or, is it something more personal and spiritual? And furthermore, how important is the church? And, does Jesus have a church to which we must belong in order to be saved?

Lesson 3 – A Change to Make

This third lesson dives into 2 Corinthians 7:8-11 and goes over a difficult topic when coming to Christ: repentance. Change from a life of sin is a requirement from God that no one is exempt from acting upon (Acts 7:30-31). Join Neal Pollard as he discusses the 3 elements of repentance and what it requires from us.

Lesson 2 – A Christ to Follow

In this second lesson, Neal Pollard focuses on Matthew 5-7 and discusses the stark contrast between the Pharisees’ influence of superficial religion versus the religion Christ offered.

Lesson 1 – A Concept to Understand

While there are some things we may not know on this side of time, what God wants for us is a concept meant to be understood. God has given us His Word so that we can understand what He has in mind for us. Join Neal Pollard as he discusses Ephesians 3, and what Paul calls “the mystery.”

Episode 2: About the Creator

As we observe the Universe, the Earth, and the amazing human body, it is easy to conclude that these things could not have occurred by accident. They are, in fact, the product of an intelligent Creator. But what kind of Creator? What do we really know about Him? Does He really care about His creation? What is He like? Can we know Him? And where can we go to find the answers to such questions?

Episode 1: Introduction About Truth

Truth is a most precious thing. In our world, everyone is searching for something. If you are searching for answers to questions regarding God, Jesus, hope, happiness, faith, life after death, good and evil, the church, the Bible, God’s plan for you, or Jesus’ love for you, the answers to these can be found in this series of programs. Did you know that on average, 107 people die every minute? That’s a staggering number. As much as we might like…

Woman to Woman: Marriage Matters | 1. Transformation

This program is taught by and intended for women. From our clothing to our furniture, women often want to renew and change things around. When it comes to our marriages, we should also seek to renew our relationships with our husbands. In this first session, Cherie Vestal uses a round-table type discussion to talk about marriage matters.

Women’s Role in the Church

The idea that man is the head of the house is viewed by many as antiquated. Also, a woman who chooses to stay at home instead of working outside the home is sometimes held in low regard. Some see such a woman as wasting her talents and abilities. It is no secret that the woman’s role in society has changed in recent years. In religious circles, it is quite common to find females serving as ministers and in leadership roles.…

Christ in Every Season of Your Life: The Golden Years

This program is taught by and intended for women. As women who have matured in their faith, raised a family, and have had a godly marriage we are called to be an example to younger sisters in Christ. Through every stage of life there is work to be done for the kingdom. Join Becky Blackmon in this concluding lesson on how women in their golden years can continue to be a tool for Christ and the church.  

A Son Who Ran Away: A Story About the Prodigal Son

The story of the prodigal son is one of the most insightful, memorable stories that Jesus told while He was on Earth. Through it, Christ brought to light the ravages of sin, the value of true repentance, and the love of the heavenly Father. By putting that story into rhyming verse on a child’s level, A Son Who Ran Away offers an easy-to-understand resource for teaching children the meaning and importance of the prodigal son.

Christ in Every Season of Your Life: Married with Children

This program is taught by and intended for women. The recipe for a happy and successful marriage is to have God the main focus. In a like manner, raising our children to love and obey God is the most important job a mother can have. In this lesson, Becky Blackmon gives encouraging words from the Bible to Christian wives and mothers.  

Christ in Every Season of Your Life: Single

This program is taught by and intended for women. No matter what stage of life you might find yourself, Jesus should be the Lord of your life. As a single lady, you should seek to be like Christ throughout your daily walk. Join Becky Blackmon as she presents a Bible-based lesson on this topic.

A Story about Job: A Patient Man from Uz

Through the life and story of Job, God gives us amazing insight into the problem of pain and suffering. By putting that story into rhyming verse on a child’s level, this video offers an easy-to-watch resource for teaching children how to handle life’s tough times.