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Why are there so many churches?

Contemporary religious scholars and historians estimate that there are approximately 38,000 denominations in the world today. Have you ever wondered if the true church still exists today? Does it really matter to which church I belong? If the true church does exist, how can I find it? Learn about the fascinating history of the first century church of the Bible and how it still exists today! Learn about God’s true church, the origins of denominationalism and God’s scheme of redemption…

Same-Sex marriage – Does God approve?

You have heard a lot lately pertaining to homosexual marriage. This “hot-button” topic has been covered by media organizations worldwide as the population of humanity advocating this trend continues to increase. The U.S. Supreme Court has recently ruled against the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act. But should the popularity of today’s trends define what is morally right? Since marriage is an institution created by the omniscient God of heaven, it’s only logical that we seek His stand on…

People that baptism will not save

Would it surprise you that there are some people baptism will not save? Since the day the Church began in Acts 2, baptism for the remission of sins has been preached. According to Jesus’ own words in Mark 16, “He who believes and is baptized will be saved.” Even though baptism is the point when you come into contact with the saving blood of Jesus, there are some groups of people baptism cannot save. Join Don Blackwell as he discusses…

What if I die on the way to be baptized?

What if you died on the way to be baptized? You have learned the truth, repented of your sins, confessed your faith in Jesus Christ as the Son of God, and you are ready to be baptized. But on the way to the water, your car is struck by a truck and you die….you pass into eternity? Listen as Don Blackwell examines the implications of such a tragedy.  

Is COVID-19 a sign of the end times?

In the midst of the coronavirus crisis, some have asked if it is a sign that the end of time is near. Is it an indicator that Jesus is coming soon, or is it related to plagues referenced in the book of Revelation? Please study along with Don Blackwell as he discusses what the Bible says about the end of time, emphasizing the current worldwide pandemic seen with COVID-19.

Pray for your Country

Many people spend a lot of time complaining about the government, but have you ever thought about the fact that God expects His people to pray for the government? Through the Old and New Testaments, we are shown by example and directed by command to pray for the leaders and authorities. Listen as Don Blackwell discusses the Bible’s view of praying for your country.