Steve’s Stuff 08092015 God Hardened Pharaoh’s Heart

Steve’s Stuff 08092015 God Hardened Pharaoh’s Heart

One very troubling passage in God’s holy word is to be found in Exodus 4:21…the LORD said to Moses…. I will harden his heart, so he will not let the people go.

How can God hold Pharaoh responsible to do His will if he is making it impossible for him to obey? Certainly, if this is the case then God is capricious.

But is there more to this statement than meets the eye. Surely it is true the foolish man may, argue, complain and blame others for the ticket received for running a stop sign. Yet he was fully aware of the law for stop signs and knew the penalty.  Yet somehow he may say to the Police officer why don’t you do something about real crime? So in reality what has harden his heart, the sign, the police officer, the law or perhaps something else is a play here.

“God does not work this hardness of heart in man; but it may be said to harden him whom refuses to soften, to blind him whom refuses to enlighten, and to repel him whom refuses to call.”  It is but just and right that He should withhold those graces which were repeatedly offered, and which the sinner had despised and rejected. Adam Clark Commentary

Undoubtedly there are countless millions who have harden their heart against God in just the same manner as Pharaoh. Please allow God to soften our hearts as we read his Holy Word.