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Steve’s Stuff 08022015 Transparency Exodus 5-6

Have you ever thought of the Bible as God’s tell all book?  2 Timothy 3:16-17 All scripture…” is a passage the reveals much of the use for the scriptures. But did you ever wonder why God in His word was so transparent. Moses is a prime example. Surely we know of the plagues that forced Pharaoh to let the Hebrew nation free. But look closer and we will see the failures, as Moses had perceived them of Himself, the Hebrews, and even God. Indeed God was transparent here showing the “Good, The Bad and the Ugly”.

So why did Moses, who wrote this book sometime around the end of the wilderness wanderings, tell so much about that time. We know about the plagues the great power of God and how the Hebrew nation was paid in full for the 80 years of slavery they were forced to endure.

But what I mean is why the Hebrew people suffered along with the Egyptians through the first three plagues. Why Moses accused the Lord of making their suffering worse.  About the doubts Moses had facing Pharaoh and not securing the release of the People.

He had done all the Lord had asked him to do and still the people remained in bondage with even harder work. It appeared to Moses he had failed God that God had failed the people and the people had failed to trust in God.

Why did God tell us about their doubts and lack of trust? Why not just tell us the success of the story as that is what we remember anyway.

Because God wants us to know he can take a “ reluctant, insecure, exile and turn him into a great man of faith.” He can do the same for everyone who will trust Him.