Peak of the Week: Train Yourself – Godly Desires

Peak of the Week: Train Yourself – Godly Desires

Train Yourself

“I desire to do your will, my God.” Psalm 40:8
Train yourself to be godly – to pursue godly desires. Do you want to be godly? If so, to what degree? To what lengths would you go to be godly? How strong are your desires in this area? If you do, follow closely with the truths in this lesson.

Desires are immensely POWERFUL!

  1. They come from deep within you, your ____________________________ – the birthplace of decisions and actions you make.
  2. This is where your _________________________________________ to action comes from.
  3. Your desires have the power to make you a _____________________________________________.

Consider the Different TYPES of Desires

  1. There are ___________________________ desires Proverbs 11:6
  2. There are ___________________________ desires. Ephesians 2:3
  3. There are ___________________________ desires. Ephesians 4:22
  4. There are ___________________________ desires. Ecclesiastes 6:2
  5. There are ___________________________ desires. Proverbs 13:4
  6. There are ___________________________ desires. 1 Corinthians 12:31

Be Aware of the DILEMMA of Desires

  1. This is where _______________________ works! But, so does the _________________________________!
  2. Can inward desires be controlled by ______________________________________________ influences?
  3. Desires have a lot to do with your _____________________________________ (i.e. “that part of you that does right long after the moment has passed in which you made the decision).

Consider the CONFLICT of Desires

Romans 8:5-17; Galatians 5:16-17
Take the TEST for Godly Desires

  • Do my spiritual desires dominate or supersede my fleshly desires?
  • When I am obedient to God, is it a matter of “have to” or “want to”?
  • Have I experienced my desires changing for more of the good/godly?
  • Do I, deep down inside me, strongly desire to be godly?
  • Where does my lack of spiritual desires come from?
  • Where am I in the following?

Here is a good exercise to test yourself:

There are four types of people when it comes to desires and actions. Go over these carefully and see where you are most of the time.

  1. Some people ____________________ wrong and ____________________ wrong.
  2. Some people ____________________ right and ______________________ wrong.
  3. Some people ____________________ wrong and _____________________ right.
  4. Some people ____________________ right and _______________________ right!

For Daily Devotionals or Bible Study Group

  1. List several reasons why it is so vital for Christ-followers to learn to “train themselves to be godly.”
  2. Give some serious thought to your desires. Where do they come from? How do they affect your daily life? How can you know when they are pure and righteous? What power(s) do they have over you? Give some thought to that part of you called the “will” – or many times in the Bible is called a person’s “heart.”
  3. In the message there are six different types of desires that the Bible mentions. Evaluate your life in each of these areas? Note the variety of desires that Satan uses to manipulate people into wrong actions. Make note of the spiritual battle you are currently facing – if in a group, discuss the conflict between Satanic desires and Godly desires within a person’s heart.
  4. How have your desires been shaped and changed for the better in your Christian life? To what degree has the Bible done that? The Holy Spirit? Mature and godly people in your life? Or, your own efforts and desires to become godly?
  5. Note the four types of people when it comes to Desires and Doing God’s will. How do the first two describe many people in the world who have not accepted Christ? How do the other two describe those in the church? Which category best describes you and why?