Keep Growing: Add to Your Faith, Part 2 of 4

Keep Growing: Add to Your Faith, Part 2 of 4


2 Peter 1:5-11
Last week we started out in 2 Peter 1:3-4. Some of us may fail to appreciate what scripture informs us of when it comes to all that we’ve been given “for a godly life.”

• Some of us need to go deep and learn these for the first time.

• Others of us need to be reminded of what we’ve already learned!

Peter says in verses 12-13 – Sometimes I just need to be reminded about certain truths.

• The truth, I have all I need by God’s power to live a godly life.

• The truth, I have received “great and precious promises,”

• The truth, I may become a “participant in the divine nature.”

Think about what Peter says regarding God’s promises:

“Great” refers to something that is well above the average in A_____________ or B____________.

“Precious” refers to something of great value, something that shouldn’t be wasted.

Peter likes this word. He speaks of the “precious blood of Christ” in I Peter 1:19. He speaks of how Jesus is God’s “precious cornerstone” (I Peter 2:6). Again, in 2 Peter 1:1, he speaks of a faith “as precious as ours.”

In other words, certain things are of extraordinary value that should never be treated as common and should never be wasted.

2 Peter 1:3-11 because this text is a pathway to continued spiritual growth:

2 Peter 1:5-8 – Peter didn’t say all that he did about God’s divine power, God’s provision, God’s great and precious promises so that we could read that, shut up the book, and go on with our lives.

There’s a practical side to all of that. “For this very reason ….”

1. Make every C________________ … (vs. 5)

We put effort into many things in life, and Peter is saying, “make every effort” to keep growing in these attributes – know what they are and what they mean – and put your intense focus and effort into growing in these.

2. To D_____________ to your faith… (vs. 5)

The phrase “add to” is a word that means to E___________________.

In other words, we’re saved by faith through God’s grace. Once we have put our faith in Christ, keep growing in Christ-likeness. And don’t think of these like adding beads on a string, but think of these as attributes that grow together to form a whole Christian person.