The writer completes this great homage to Christ with some final thoughts on holy living and a final word of […]
The author continues his description of the type of people who belong in Christ’s Church as those who have a […]
In this lesson Mike diagrams and explains the famous chapter that describes the ‘heroes of faith. After having shown Christ’s […]
Having finished describing Jesus’ glorious life and ministry the author now focuses on the type of church that carries His […]
In the final part of the first section of Hebrews, the writer summarizes the reasons why Jesus’ ministry is superior […]
This lesson demonstrates how Jesus’ ministry was superior to that of the Jewish High Priest in its service to the […]
In this lesson, the author will review Jesus’ work as High Priest, not only His credentials to server in this […]
In this final section on Melchizedek, the writer explains the relationship between Aaron, Melchizedek and Jesus. In the last three […]
In this lesson, Mike examines the passages that demonstrate that Christianity’s priesthood is superior to the Aaronic priesthood. The author […]
This lesson examines what the writer of Hebrews says about the 4th element of the Jewish religion, the priesthood, and […]
Mike begins to develop the Hebrew writer’s next argument for Christianity’s superiority over Judaism – Jesus’ greater authority than Moses. […]
After demonstrating from Scripture that Jesus is greater than the angels, the author focuses on what Jesus accomplished when, for […]
In this section the Hebrew writer lists the many passages in the Old Testament that demonstrate Jesus’ exalted position above […]
This first lesson in the series establishes the historical and religious context for the writing of this book. The first […]
This study of the Book of Hebrews starts Sunday 13, 2020 at our 2 pm service. The first video is […]