Førbidden Topics

Prejudice and the Bible

In this last lesson, Mike demonstrates that if we followed what the Bible teaches there would be no prejudice of any kind. 13-forbidden-topics-notes

Genetic Engineering: Playing God, Part 1

In this first two-part lesson, Mike examines the first two practices in this scientific field, genetic modification, and human engineering. He will also refer to Bible principles that should guide these practices. 11-forbidden-topics-notes

The Great Illusion: Gambling

In this session, Mike addresses the destructive nature of gambling focusing particularly on Internet gaming and many Scriptural references that speak directly to this addictive vice. 10-forbidden-topics-notes

The Alphabet Gender Wars

Mike reviews the history and possible future of a society actively seeking the deconstruction of traditional gender norms. 09-forbidden-topics-notes

Pornography and Behavior

Pornography has gone mainstream and is easily available for free, at first, for the naïve. This lesson explores internet porn, the most prevalent form of this highly addictive substance, and some ways to avoid or break this poisonous habit. (N.B. – No graphic images will be shown in this lesson). 08-forbidden-topics-notes

Pro-Life or Pro Death – Part 2

In this concluding lesson, Mike finishes examining the main arguments Pro-Choice groups use to defend abortion and brings forth key Scriptures that address this issue. (N.B. No graphic pictures or photos of abortion procedures will be used in this presentation). 07-forbidden-topics-notes

Pro-Life or Pro Death – Part 1

In this two-part lesson, Mike will describe the various methods used to abort babies, and compare the main arguments used by both Pro-Choice and Pro-Life groups to support their positions on this highly controversial issue. (N.B. No graphic pictures or photos of aborted children will be shown). 06-forbidden-topics-notes

Mercy Killing or Selective Killing?

Lessons that will get you Criticized, Called-out or Cancelled In this series, Mike tackles topics that are sensitive in nature and often have strongly differing opinions. Nevertheless, he presents a balanced view keeping in mind that the teaching goal in all BibleTalk material is to seek out what the Bible has to say on these and other subjects that we all are aware of and sometimes have to deal with personally. In this lesson, Mike examines the differences between natural…