“Bee”ing Gods Worker

“Bee”ing Gods Worker

The Holy word of God is the most practical book in this world. It has described mankind throughout history and into the future. Little doubt remains in the mind of man as to its value in a variety of practical everyday concerns of life.

I am unsure as to who first branded the Book of James the most practical book of the bible. Certainly, the book has a different way about it. Little if anything is said concerning Miracles, the Resurrection or the doctrine of Redemption.

Others have suggested it serves as a link between to Jewish and Gentile Christians. Bringing both together in the practical everyday manner of living life. Perhaps its attention to the detail of life is what has labeled it a most practical book on life.

Take the first chapter if you will. It concludes with some of the most needful advice for mankind. You can see this advice in the encouragement to “BE”. Long before William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet, God through James is saying to Be.

Bees are industrious little creature upon which hang much of this world life and beauty. Each in their own way go about doing the job set out for it to do and all are the better off for their labors.

So James is encouraging each of us to be about the important things of God and this world will be all the better for it. I invite you to come with us as we explore these areas of life we should BE about.