Lessons from the Life of Joseph

Lessons from the Life of Joseph

The life of Joseph seems to be an incredible journey. From favored son to slave to prisoner to jailer and dream interpreter and then over all Egypt just under Pharaoh.  Finally, the savior of the people of God who had sold him into slavery 20 plus year later.

Indeed Joseph life was incredible. Yet it is a life which can, and often does resemble many today. By way of example he was both loved and hated within his own family. He endured many difficulties in his own life and yet also was blessed immensely. Christians are blessed to have a savior and brother forgiving our sins and guiding the way to righteousness.

If we are to describe Joseph life as incredible then certainly his desire and ability to maintain his purity in the face of intense pressure to have illicit sex with his masters wife may so be described. This is incredible in today’s world mainly in the sense that sex has been and continues to be an acceptable sin in almost every part of society.

Also incredible is his ability to see the “big picture” He was able to recognize the hand of God in the salvation of what would be the nation of Israel.  This is the same hand we should be aware of in our lives today.

Joseph’s is an incredible example of life. His life showed tremendous faith in the Lord. This then is the similarity of life each child of God shares with the savior of the nation of Israel. We carry with us the words of eternal life for all who hear and obey.  We can be instrumental in bringing salvation to few or many.

If we desire to emulate the incredible journey of Joseph then all we need do is begin. Take each day as the one the Lord has made just for us. Accomplish the purpose God has in store for us all.  Give thanks to Lord God Almighty for the wonder of His creation and the incredible journey He has set us on.