What is love?

Google What is love and we will find 627 million possible websites to choose from.

It would seem we are awash in something everybody has a different opinion about.

I guess the old saying is correct, “ what does opinions and noses have in      common?” answer “everybody has one”.

So what is love? I know what the world thinks love is. I have seen the mess many have made of their lives looking for love in all the wrong places. Equally, there a great many who have found love and enjoyed it for many years.

In order to answer that question it would be helpful, I think, to find the source of love. Then to look at how the source of love has been exhibited.

Our passage, 1 Johne 4:7-12 tells us that God is the source of love. Surely an     examination of God’s love will go a long way in clearing up the question. What is love.


Ralphie Faith
Hard Heart