Unlikely Union

A mother becomes concerned about her son. It seems every Friday night he stays home to flip through the channels on the Television. When she asks the reason why he just shrugs and continues to flip. “Well don’t you know anyone you can go out with.” “Sure” he says. “Then why don’t you go.” “Guess because have never asked them.”

In the more than 40 years my wife and I have been Christians I have seen countless programs and heard limitless reasons given to solve the church growth problems.

Every program has had and continues to have great potential and often works well in some places and not so well in others.

The reasons given for church decline are equally  good and all have a lot of truth behind them.

So let me suggest both the reason and the solution to this problem of church growth. The reason is many have stopped asking friends, relative, and neighbors to study and or attend.

The solution is as simple as sharing Christ with others.