Steve Stuff 11152015 God Success Formula Joshua 1:6-9

Steve Stuff 11152015 God Success Formula Joshua 1:6-9

Here is a question for all of us, “Has God failed us or have we failed God. It is a good question. A man came into our building one day asking for help. He needed something to eat. We have a pantry so I shared what the people of God collected. As is my custom I asked him about his relationship with God. He said I used to believe in Him but no more. That seemed strange to me as it was God who fed him that day.

Many Christians it seems have given up on God as well. They seldom study or come to study God’s word. Often they try to solve their problems by worldly methods. Even forget to worship and share the Lord.

God has a formula for success and when followed all will realize real success.

Take a look at Joshua the first chapter. In it God is telling Joshua, the successor to Moses, what he needed to do to be a success.

Imagine trying to succeed Moses. He lead them out of bondage, across the Red Sea to the Mount of God. He showed them the Law of God and what the nation needed to live and prosper. Today while many know Joshua’s name it is Moses who is given the credit for the Israelite nation.

But remember Moses never set foot in the Promised Land but Joshua did.