Shoot at Bird by Rin Thomas

Shoot at Bird by Rin Thomas

Albert Schweitzer shared a life changing experience when he was about seven or eight years of age. He accepted a proposal to use a sling-shot of sorts to hit defenseless birds. He did so reluctantly, and had regret as he walked toward the aiming point. His experience was that which many little boys engage in that later in life they would like to forget. He participated because, he said, he did not want his friend to laugh at him if he “chickened out.”


Peer pressure is a powerful thing. Though as powerful as it is, it can be overcome. At such a young age, Schweitzer relates, he resolved to “emancipate myself from the fear of men” (“Reverence for Life,” p. 2).

  • The “fear of men” is that which keeps a great many from following the Lord Jesus with a whole heart.
  • The fear of men is that which encourages a great many to go along with the mob though there is little understanding about that which the mob stands for (or against).
  • The fear of men has landed many in jail and prison.
  • The fear of men has encouraged many young women to give in.


The list can continue as long as one can think of some reason why another continues down a path of regret.


It is a challenge to us individually to take inventory with regards to where we are at in relation to the “fear of men” (cf. 2 Cor. 13:5).