Sermons from April 2020

Worry and Anxiety

Do times of crisis cause you worry and anxiety? Worry affects all aspects of your life: emotional, mental, physical, and even spiritual. Anxiety consumes your energy and time, which could be put toward better and more enjoyable activities. How can a Christian overcome worry, even in the difficult times of a crisis? Join Don Blackwell in a study of what God has said about worry and how to undermine its effects.

Is COVID-19 a Sign of the End Times?

In the midst of the coronavirus crisis, some have asked if it is a sign that the end of time is near. Is it an indicator that Jesus is coming soon, or is it related to plagues referenced in the book of Revelation? Please study along with Don Blackwell as he discusses what the Bible says about the end of time, emphasizing the current worldwide pandemic seen with COVID-19.

Danger of Fake News

How can you find the cure through all the fake news? Through times of crisis there is often misinformation spread. When unreliable information is believed and followed, it can have a devastating affect on someone’s life. This is true in our current time of crisis, both physically and spiritually. There is danger in the “fake news” of the religious world. If you want the reliable cure for the worst pandemic in humanity, the problem of sin, then you need to…

Crisis and Stress

Medical experts have seen that emotional stress has an impact on physical health. Therefore in times of crisis, we can experience both emotional and physical health issues. As our Creator, God knows and understands this human tendency. In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus extensively addressed how our physical surroundings affect us, but also provides how our perspective ought to be. Join Neal Pollard as he discusses Jesus’ principles for dealing with stress.

Evil, Pain and Suffering

Where is God when I hurt? Why do innocent people suffer? How could a loving God let this happen? Millions of people have searched for answers to the questions of why there is Evil, Pain and Suffering in the world. If you are one of them, you need to see this video. While many use the Problem of Evil as an argument against God’s existence, recognizing the contrast between what is good and what is evil points to the existence…