One Lord, One Day, One Hour

One Lord, One Day, One Hour

“Three Dog Night” had a hit with the song “One” aka “One is the Loneliest Number”.  In 1969 most everybody thought that song was about breaking up. I heard some time ago a rumor it had to do with Marijuana.  Yet to me and millions of others it will always be the breaking up song.

My point concerns the number “one”. Many think of this number as having an exclusiveness embedded in it. This seems to make it superior in some way, head and shoulders above all else. To be sought after.

The thought is like the winners of the super bowl who run around the stadium with their pointing finger up. They are number one, top of the heap, the very best. This accomplishment makes them special.

So, I suppose many see the number one as special, something to be achieved.

Yet if we return to the song and my understanding of it one is not so great a thing.  Certainly, being alone in this world is not so great.  Only doing something we like or is worthwhile once is not so great either. We tend to do things we like over and over again.

In fact, the majority of the time one is not great. We don’t tell our mothers we love them once and never again. We want our children to know we will love them every day and say and do things so they will know that. Likewise our spouses as well.

Yes, there are a variety of times one is not so hot. When it comes to our Lord and Savior this would be true also. Is remembering the Life, Death and Resurrection of Christ once a year for one hour on one day sufficient to express the love we have for Him and his gift to us?  1 Corinthians 11:23-29