Of What Does Praise Consist?

J Randall Matheny

Praise focuses on the person of God and his actions. It is not a listing of one’s blessings. Praise details the character of God and follows his plan of redemption through history. It describes his nature and worships his work and word. Praise is personal, but not restricted to self, for it recognizes the purpose of God for all peoples and especially for the body of Christ.

As such, praise is best expressed by those who know the Bible best. Scripture provides the content of praise. The written word of God places personal salvation, sanctification, and calling within the greater will of God to prevent praise from becoming a braggart’s noise.

Praise often breaks out in invitation to others to join in. “Come! Let’s sing for joy to the Lord! Let’s shout out praises to our protector who delivers us!” Psa 95.1 NET. Like the joy of salvation, praise is never content with a single voice. It seeks not so much an audience, for God is that to the worshiper, but companions, for the one who recognizes the worth and glory of God knows that no true joy can be had, no genuine hope is nourished, no certainty of truth can be entertained, without the note of praise being sung.

So proclamation of the gospel is made easy by the heart that praises the Lord. For the latter feels no pressure, but only enthusiasm for its object.

Let us then be diligent students of the majesty of the Lord. Let us fill our hearts with his greatness, our minds with his doings, our mouths with the rich vocabulary of Name, Being, and divine Creation. Let every mention of him be sacred, every recital of covenants filled with awe, every prayer filled with longing for the eternal presence of him with whom we have to do.