MWC 09092015 The Gospel According to Isaiah

MWC 09092015 The Gospel According to Isaiah

The gospel according to Isaiah

by Mike Madden —


One of the great prophets of the Old Testament was Isaiah. It was not uncommon for many New Testament preachers to refer to his writing. This is because he foretold the coming of the Messiah and the establishment of His kingdom.

Isaiah lived about 750 years before Christ. He was sent to prophesy in Judah and Jerusalem. (Isaiah 1:1) He has often been referred to as “the Messianic Prophet”.

In his book, we find the good news that was going to come in the future.

Isaiah speaks of the good news about the Messiah.

He tells that the Messiah would be born of a virgin and that His name would be Immanuel meaning “God with us”. (Isaiah 7:14) We find that this is fulfilled with the birth of Jesus. (Matthew 1:18-23)

Isaiah also foretold that He would be of the family of David. He tells that He would be of the “stem of Jesse”, David’s father. (Isaiah 11:1) Jesus’ lineage is shown in Matthew 1, through Joseph and in Luke 3 through Mary.

The prophet also tells that the Spirit of the Lord would rest upon the Messiah. (Isaiah 11:2) This was visibly manifested at His baptism by John. (Matthew 3:16)

Isaiah presented many prophecies concerning the ministry of the Messiah.

He tells that He would be preceded by a forerunner. One would be sent to prepare the way. (Isaiah 40:3-5) He foretold that the Messiah would preach to the poor. (Isaiah 61:1-3) This was fulfilled by His preaching in Nazareth. (Luke 4:16-21) Isaiah said, “That He would bring light to those who were living in Galilee”, and this was fulfilled in Matthew 4:12-16.

The prophet Isaiah, also foretold of the suffering which the Messiah would endure for us.

He stated that He would be despised and rejected. (Isaiah 53:1-3) John mentions this in his gospel in John 1:10-11. Furthermore, the prophet Isaiah said, “That His suffering and death would be for our sins”. (Isaiah 53:4-6:8) The same is mentioned in Matthew 8:17 and 1 Peter 2:24.

Isaiah also mentioned that He would be silent before His accusers. (Isaiah 53:7) We find this fulfilled in Matthew 27:12-14.

Isaiah spoke of the Kingdom that was to be established.

He stated that it would come in the latter days. (Isaiah 2:1-2) It was fulfilled at the time when Jesus began to preach. (Mark 1:14-15) The prophet Isaiah said, “That it would begin in Jerusalem”. (Isaiah 2:3) Jesus made mention of this in Luke 24:44-47.

He mentioned that His kingdom would be one of peace. (Isaiah 2:4) Paul spoke of it in this fashion in Romans 14:17.

However, the most important point that Isaiah spoke of regarding the kingdom and that is it would be everlasting. (Isaiah 9:7) In Luke 1:31-33, the angel announced this to Mary.

For many centuries, God had a plan for us through Jesus. How important is Jesus to you and how important is His church?

Printed in the Wadsworth OH church bulletin.