MWC 08262015 True Ido Worship…Here?

MWC 08262015 True Ido Worship…Here?

True Idol Worship…Here!


It would be foolish to believe that there hasn’t been any worship of graven images, statues, etc. in this country. It has usually been kept very private. We’ve always preached that in this country, our idol worship is material things; activities; money; etc. But now, true idol worshipers have become very public in our country.


Worshipers of Satan are planning on securing a building for their temple in Detroit, where they will have public worship and activities. This same group is planning on something in the Oklahoma City area. What makes this story much worse is that there seems to be a lot of interest from people not involved in Satanic worship. These Satanists want to do some benevolent works and have a presence in their respective communities. They say that they don’t worship the true Satan as they don’t believe in God or Satan. They consider them myths.


Somehow, I don’t believe all people in their circles view this the same. Some truly worship Satan. We should not be surprised by any of this. We now have homosexual marriages. We have been murdering children since 1973 to the tune of over 50 million babies. Euthanasia is being practiced, some of it involuntarily, on old people in the Northwest. We are now harvesting organs from the murdered babies of abortions. Our church population has been declining now for many years while such evil has steadily risen. Drugs and children being born out of wedlock have steadily risen and seem to be linked to one another.


All of this should remind us Christians of the book of Judges. Judges 21:25: “In those days there was no king in Israel; everyone did what was right in his own eyes.” Israel forgot that God was their King and He had rules. They made their own much like people in America are doing now.


As Christians, we must remain faithful no matter the consequences. A day is coming when all of these evil people will bow before the Lord. There will be no politically correct people to advocate for them. Man’s laws won’t help either. Let us stand firm and be faithful; our next life depends on it.


Chris Moore

Clarendon church of Christ

Clarendon, TX