Lord’s Supper

The Church of Christ …. The Lord’s Supper

One of the first parts of worship many will find upon  visiting with the Church of Christ is our devotion to the Lord’s Supper. Folks often ask “why do you do that every Sunday?” Another may say, “don’t you get tired of doing that?”  Still another may say, “after all it is just a ceremony it doesn’t mean       anything.”

To understand why the Lord’s Supper is observed we must search the scripture for the practice in the early Church under the Apostles.  One of many   scriptures where the beginning of this practice was instituted by our Lord is Matthew 26:26f. Later we see the apostles commanding this practice in Acts 2:42.

Because the first century church partook of it on the first day of the week Acts 20:7. and every week has a first day, until the Lord returns following this     example is approved by the Apostles and Jesus Christ our Lord.

The Lord’s Supper is ceremonial in nature only in the sense it is a memorial to help us never forget what the Son of God has done for every Christian.  Jesus Christ is the focal point to all history and the reason for salvation to all who believe and obey. It is   therefore necessary and welcomed both to and by Christians to devote our worship to our savior.