I am Positive

Joe says to Fred, “your cat is crossed eyed.” Fred looks at his cat eyes and comments, “Are you sure the cat eyes are crossed?” Joe, “I am positive,” “ but everybody says   only a fool is positive,” replies Fred.  “Are you sure,” says Joe. “I am positive,” says Fred.

It is hard to be certain in this world. I would guess it has always been that way. Certainty  is hard to come by,  partly due  to the changes we have seen in our lifetime, and partly because we don’t want to appear to be ignorant on any subject.  There are most probably a million reasons why it is difficult to be certain on any given thing.

So let us talk about being certain.  There are a great many things we can be certain of when we are discussing God, His word, and His commands.

Come with us on this short journey of some things we can be certain of in the coming Lord’s Day mornings.