Hard Heart

Did you know for a large segment of the society we live in, it is easier to believe In creatures from outer space than the God of creation.

To some degree, this may be the results of the entertainment and or media       industry and the movies and the like they have produced. Not that they are at fault, certainly we should be able to distinguish between fact and fiction.

But it may be a product of a “Hard Heart”. You see Pharaoh would not let himself accept the reality of Jehovah God. All around him, throughout the 10 plagues the reality was before his eyes and he was determined not to accept.

The facts of creation and judgment are all around us. We live with these facts every day. We see the beauty of God’s design in creation every day. We understand no one lives life on this earth forever.

Perhaps it is time for all to believe in the God of Creation and trust in His promise of salvation before we learn it is too late