Gospel Message is Certain

Gospel Message is Certain

Last week we noted some basics of New  Testament Christianity. Chief among them all is the absolutes presented on the pages of Gods Holy word.

Christ is a historical absolute 1 John 1:2

He was testified to by John the Baptist, John 5:31,

His life works testify to His fact 1 Peter 2:21f

God the Father testified, Matthew 3:17

Finally, by the lives and work of the   apostles in the first century, 1 John 1:3

Today we will take a look at the absolutes of the Gospel message. While we live in what appears to be an ever changing world the message of God remains the same.

The message of the New Testament is as relevant today as it was in the first      century. We will do well to heed this message and apply it to our lives daily.

Come with us as we discover the  absolutes of Gods word.


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