Familiar Aren’t They 1 of 2

Familiar Aren’t They 1 of 2

Exodus 3:1 – 4:17

Every Christian would do well to study our scripture above. Indeed the great story of Joseph and how God made provision to save the Hebrew nation from starving to death during the 7 year draught was an amazing record of events.

But now the news from the home front is not so good. A different Pharaoh has come to power and is bent on destroying the Hebrews ability to join with an enemy and destroy his nation. As we have noted his plan looks good on paper. The mid-wives are to kill at birth the male children of the Hebrews thus a long term solution. They had already been enslaved “with rigor”. Then the Hebrew’s are to sacrifice all the male children to the god of the Nile, for the sake of Egypt.

80 Years have gone by and now God tells Moses to go back to Egypt, from the land of Midian where he fled on an earlier attempt to free the Hebrews. God expects Moses to free the Hebrews who are now ready to leave Egypt. God knows Moses is now ready to lead the nation and all is set for their Departure.

But wait a minute Moses is not convinced this is such a good idea. After all he has been content in Midian for 40 years herding Jethro’s sheep. He has a wife and two children and a place in society.

So Moses weighs this strange request of God and finds it lacking details. How is one lowly shepherd supposed to affect the release of a million plus Hebrew slaves from the most powerful nation on the earth at the time?

Why had God selected him? What was he thinking? All this is about to play out before our eyes as we delve deeper into the exodus story. Come with us won’t you?