Bible Warfare: How To Defend Your Faith (Page 2)

Bible Warefare: How to Defend Your Faith – Only the Church of Christ Saved?

Only the Church of Christ Saved? In this lesson, Mike explains the history and attitude behind the most asked question for members of the Church of Christ, ‘why do you think you’re the only ones going to heaven?’ We started our class on Bible Warfare: How to Defend Your Faith, by listing the rules of engagement. Basic rules to help us maintain communication when discussing religious issues with our friends and with our families. Respect other people’s sincerity.¬†Remember that others…

Bible Warfare: How To Defend Your Faith -The Basics

The Basics Rules of Engagement for Successfully Sharing Your Faith In any type of warfare, there are rules of engagement. These are put in place for the protection of all parties involved and to also help the battle (or discussion) move forward. This class is designed to help you defend your faith against questions from non-believers or comparisons by those people of religions that may claim Christ as their leader, but do not follow carefully the teaching of the New…
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