7 Suggestions to Make Sunday More “Worshipful” – J Randall Matheny

7 Suggestions to Make Sunday More “Worshipful” – J Randall Matheny

What Can You Do On Saturday To Make Sunday More Worshipful? Here Are 7 Suggestions

 J Randall Matheny

How to improve our worship

How can we prepare ourselves for worship?

 A headline for an article on a popular success and technology website offers, “What You Can Do on Sunday to Make Monday More Manageable.” It’s not strange that people obsessed with professional development and financial success constantly think about how to get ahead.

 So why don’t Christians think more about spiritual success, theirs and their neighbor? What can we do on Saturday to make Sunday more worshipful, spiritual, and edifying?

Here are seven suggestions to consider doing on Saturday, to get ready for Sunday.

 Go to bed early on Saturday night. Get plenty of rest. Sleepiness is not conducive to spirituality. Don’t tire yourself so much the day before the Lord’s Day, that you can’t worship properly.

  1. Set yourself up for success. Ask what truths you’ll hear that will make a difference in your life in Christ and service to God.
  2. Seek out someone who is spiritually needy. Ask the Lord to show you a person who you can be a friend to.
  3. Invite someone to go with you to the assembly. Explain to them ahead of time what to expect. Tell them what advantages accrue to participation.
  4. Read your Bible and pray on Saturday. And the day before. And the day before that. People who seek God during the week can best praise him on Sunday.
  5. Leave self at the door before entering the building, auditorium, or room where the church meets. Put God — his character, his works, his will, his purpose, his goodness — squarely in the center of your focus.
  6. Edify and be edified. Give and learn to receive. Show yourself friendly, and gain friends. Draw near to the Lord, and he will draw near to you. Learn and practice the principle of reciprocity.

Smart business people know that success doesn’t happen by chance. Doing a great job requires preparation. Rarely does worship and adoration of the Almighty just happen. So Saturday can be a great moment to get ready for the Lord’s Day.