Posts from October 2022

Why Jesus?: Was Jesus Offensive?

Jesus’ initial reaction to a Canaanite woman who cried out for mercy in Matthew 15 baffles many people. How could the all-loving Son of God respond to such a distressed mother in a seemingly callous manner? Was Jesus a mean Messiah, or is there more to this story than meets the eye?

Why Jesus?: Did Jesus Deny His Deity?

Does Jesus admit not being God in Mark 10:18? Did He deny being perfectly moral as well as Divine? In truth, far from denying His goodness and Godhood in Mark 10, Jesus actually implies it.

Why Jesus?:Did Jesus Accept Worship?

Unlike good men and good angels who have always rejected worship from humanity, Jesus accepted worship. Jesus unhesitatingly received glory, honor, and praise from His creation. Such worship is one of the powerful proofs of His divine nature.

Lesson 6: Evolution’s Extinction Engine Part 4 – Energy

Ever wonder what each of our cells use for energy? The answer is ATP! In fact, every living organism uses this molecule to fuel the millions and trillions of processes taking place within them at any given time. In this session, we examine cellular energy and how it is created with unbelievably tiny bio-motors. Is it possible that these motors, and the entire processes surrounding them, could assemble themselves over time by a mindless, random, accidental process? Or are they…

Why Jesus?: Was Jesus Powerless in His Hometown?

Why could Jesus “do no mighty work” in His hometown of Nazareth? Did He lack the power that an omnipotent God would have? Is the Bible’s portrayal of Jesus as a mighty miracle worker contradictory? Join Eric Lyons as he discusses the often questioned statement in Mark 6:5.