Posts from September 2022

Why Jesus?: Did Jesus Perform Miracles or Not?

How could Jesus truthfully say that “no sign shall be given to this generation” yet allegedly work many “miracles, wonders, and signs”? Was Jesus merely a mistaken Messiah, or was He a real miracle worker?

Lesson 5: Evolution’s Extinction Engine Part 3 – 4-Dimensional Genome

We continue our discussion of the neo-Darwinian theory of evolution by examining four dimensions of DNA. Discover how the genetic code is read, how the cell efficiently uses the code, DNA folding, and dynamic reprogramming! With each dimension exhibiting exquisite trademarks of intelligent design, the plausibility of macro-evolution becomes increasingly improbable.

Why Jesus?: Why Believe in Jesus’ Miracles?

As the One Who claimed to be Divine should be expected, Scripture records that Jesus performed supernatural miracles to prove His supernatural nature. Join Eric Lyons as he discusses seven reasons why the miracles of Christ are credible testimonies of His divine nature and teachings.  

Lesson 4: Evolution’s Extinction Engine Part 2 – Single Cell

Did you know that the lowly, single-celled bacterium called MO-1 has 6 million individual parts? Did you also know that a 747 jumbo jet also consists of 6 million parts? No one would ever think that a jumbo jet could not only assemble itself but also write its own instruction manual on how to build it piece by piece. Yet, this is precisely what you must believe about the bacterium when subscribing to evolutionary theory! Let’s examine evolution’s engine that…

Why Jesus?: How Can Jesus Be the Only True God?

If Jesus prayed to the Father and called Him “the only true God,” then how could Jesus be God? Does Jesus’ statement in John 17:3 imply that He is less than Divine? Join Eric as he addresses this question using simple reason and revelation.  

Lesson 3: Evolution’s Extinction Engine, Part 1 – DNA

If you have ever wondered exactly how the Neo-Darwinian Theory of evolution can transform a bacterium into a basketball player, you’re not alone! We will examine the heart of the theory and compare its lofty goals to what is actually observed. Does nature alone possess the ability to move life in an upward direction – from the simple to the complex? Let’s ask the critical questions and find out!

Lesson 2: At What Cost? How Disbelief in Genesis History Undermines the Gospel

You may have heard the statement, “millions of years ago, shallow, warm, inland seas covered large portions of _____”. The ending of that statement being any continent you choose. The Bible affirms that all land mass was indeed underwater, not only at the same time, but much more recently than “millions of years ago”. In this lesson we will examine one of the evidences which support a recent global flood. Additionally, we will weigh the ultimate cost for discounting the…

Lesson 1: A Rib, a Snake and a Flood

When it comes to scientific theories of origins, as Christians we should hold firm to Scripture – which never changes, and hold loosely to human theories – which often change. In this series, we will examine the early history in Genesis, the supporting scientific evidences and explore the main controversies which often raise doubts for some Christians. Be prepared for critical thinking! Have you ever discussed the first few chapters of Genesis with someone and felt inadequate to defend or…