Posts from July 2022

Can I Reach Mature Faith?

God wants our mustard seed faith to grow into fully developed trees (Matthew 17:14-20). Would a loving God demand of us something which is impossible to attain? This class addresses the issue of whether Mature Faith is attainable for Christians today. Discussion Questions What do you think it means to have Mature Faith? Was there anything mentioned in this chapter that swayed your view of what Mature Faith actually means? Do you believe it is possible to jump from Imitating…

What’s so Great about Abraham?

Despite his weak moments, Abraham was a man of exemplary faith. This class will explore this person, chosen by God to receive His blessing and what set him apart from all the rest. Discussion Questions Do you still remember what your motivation is for wanting to grow in your faith? What do we mean when we refer to Abraham as the father of our faith? The last time you moved, what was the reason for moving? Did you take into…

Up-Again, Down-Again Faith

This study exposes the up and down faith pattern of biblical characters and how we can smooth out the bumps that naturally appear in a life of faith. Discussion Questions Can you think of any other biblical examples of Up-again, Down-again faith? How much do you let circumstances dictate how strong your faith is? Have you ever set yourself up for disappointment by having a false expectation of yourself, others or God? Can you see in your own life how…

How do I Start Solidifying my Faith?

Solidifying Faith is where you piece together the answers to the questions you have been searching out. In a sense you will always be searching and learning new things but you also need to go through the process of solidifying the truths you’re learning. Discussion Questions In your own words, how would you explain the difference between Searching and Solidifying Faith? Do you see why this step is so important on the road to maturity? Is there an unanswered question…

Understanding Jesus: esus’ Prophecy of the Fall of Jerusalem

With meticulous detail, Jesus predicted the future destruction of Jerusalem. This event then transpired almost four decades after His ascension to Heaven. Not only does this prophecy verify Jesus’ deity, but it adds another powerful evidence for the inspiration of the Bible. Join Kyle Butt as he looks at Jesus’ prophecy and the historical account of Jerusalem’s destruction.

Top Ten Reasons Why Christianity is # 1

#10 – Don’t need special clothing or haircut to be a member. #9 – No killing of others necessary. #8 – Men and women equal. #7 – No special perks for clergy. #6 – Founder is always alive. #5 – Teaching is always relevant. #4 – Lifestyle is always adaptable. #3 – Converts receive new life, not just new religion. #2 – Salvation is by faith, not human effort. #1 – NO MORE DEATH!

Job and the Practical Struggle

Job is a diagram of the anatomy of the Practical Struggle. A clear path is laid out showing the way closer to that deep relationship with God which we long for. This class answers the question, “Is it practical to be a follower of God?” Discussion Questions Why do we find more information in the Bible about Searching Faith than any of the other four? What was the difference between the way God felt about Job and the way Job…

Understanding Jesus: Was Jesus A Vegetarian?

Is it true that Jesus was a vegetarian? You may have heard a statement like this before, but what does the Bible say? Join Kyle Butt as he answers this question from Scripture and how the answer to this question can help us understand how to follow Jesus’ example.