Posts from May 2022

How to Fulfill the Law of Christ

Fill a bucket with water right to the top. See how many steps you can take with your bucket before some of the water splashes out. Sometimes our lives are just like that. We carry burdens like over-filled buckets in our hearts, our minds and our souls that wear us down, and with the least provocation, what we are carrying splashes out. These burdens may be doubts, misgivings, fears, guilt, suspicions, or any number of things that keep us from…

How do I Recognize Affiliating Faith?

Jesus could see into people’s hearts and know what degree of faith each had. We have to rely on peripheral signs to determine where another disciple is in their walk with God. In this class we are going to learn the external indicators of Affiliating Faith. Discussion Questions How do you know whether you have Affiliating Faith or not? What are the three outward signs that someone you are working with has Affiliating Faith? What kind of faith did the…

Understanding Jesus: The Love Of Jesus

What does the word “love” mean? We use this word reference toward a variety of things: candy, movies, family, or God. Surely we do not have the same depth of meaning in each case. What does it mean when the Bible says, “Jesus loves us”? Join Kyle Butt as he looks at the Bible’s description of Jesus’ love for mankind.

How do I Graduate from Imitating Faith?

This class shows how to guide a child or an adult with very little understanding, to a stronger walk with the Lord. Discussion Questions What is the difference between Imitating Faith and Affiliating Faith? Have you recently had an opportunity to teach a child something about your faith? How did you handle it? If you have children, would you say your child learns best by seeing, hearing or experiencing a concept? How can you use this knowledge to help them…

What Is Apologetics?

Is Christian apologetics about apologizing for one’s beliefs? If not, why is the word apologetics used? Is this word even found in the Bible? Join Eric Lyons as he answers these questions and more in under 3 minutes.

God and Rational Faith

Are Christians irrational, or are they simply following the evidence to where it logically leads? Join Eric Lyons as he discusses how God actually has always been concerned about providing humanity with sufficient proof that leads to a rock-solid, rational faith in the Lord and His Word.

What are the Different Levels of Faith?

This study explains the five basic stages we go through on our faith journey. Five levels of faith with biblical examples for each. Discussion Questions Practice saying the five levels of faith out loud until you can say them all without looking at the book. What level of faith do you believe you are at right now? Have you ever been discouraged from searching out your faith or have you ever discouraged someone else from searching? If you have children,…

Christ and Credible Testimony

Did Jesus endorse a “blind faith”—one based on feelings rather than facts? If so, then why did He rebuke His apostles for not believing in His resurrection before they had actually seen Him resurrected? And why did Jesus tell Thomas, “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed”? What kind of “faith” was Jesus advocating?